Disaster Fund Disparity

It’s a theme that i revisit regularly, it seems; disparity in how the first world looks at the third world and the tragedies related. I’m sure for lots of the big newspapers and conversations round the watercooler, few are still talking about the incredibly devastating earthquake in Kashmir. But I’m still watching, and I’m still angry at the embarassing and disrespectful reaction for many of the powerful forces in the international community.

Today I read the UN’s statement that out of the 550 million $ they need to get through the coming months of relief work, they’ve only received 20%! 20%! As a comparison, the almost cliché call for hurricane relief in the US gulf coast has generated 1 billion $! 1 billion!

It’s not my preferred hobby to sit around comparing disasters and death, but 80,000 people died in Kashmir. 800,000 are displaced and without shelter. Yet they receive not even 1/4 of the amount of aid. That’s shameful, unjust, and I’d venture to say it’s also racist.