bicyclemark84: Justice Ain’t This Blind

You’ve heard a few things about Stanley Williams from a scattered few media sources, now hear more about the man and the case, the details the media ignores.

AudioCommunique #84(mp3)
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Tookie Williams on Wikipedia, the entry Ive been fighting to fix
Mumia on Torture
South Central LA in the 70’s
The orgins of the crips and why they were formed
The case against Tookie, the paid witnesses, the contradictory experts
The other suspect and the drugging of prisoners in the LA system
The clemency “discovery”request (88 pages)
The response from the LAPD and State (both the discovery and the response are available on the wikipedia links for the above mentioned Tookie entry)
Film about Tookie starring Jamie Foxx –Redemption
How the critics see it
The achievements and actions of Tookie as a global activist
Nevermind where you are on death penatly. Never mind if you like the man or believe him. The question is — is there something wrong about this case? Are there doubts and examples of negligence?
Credit to Yeast Radio, Mikeypod, and DemocracyNow


Gil Scott-Heron – Billy Green is Dead
Johnny Cash – San Quentin
Dr. Dre – Death Row
Bloc Party – The Price
Talib Kweli, featuring Res – Where do we Go?
Iron & Wine with Calexico – Prison on Route 41