bicyclemark79: Controlling Water, Exposing Bechtel

Examining the forces behind the push for water privatization and the track record of one company that makes unbelievable profits and is made up of current and past government officials.

AudioCommunique #79(mp3)
30min+, 80kbps, 17Mb+


The world water reality
Public Management versus private
Reasons and actors behind the push
Bechtel – the long list of huge contracts since 1900
CEO’s of Bechtel – The Oligarchy
Boliva 1999 – struggle and victory
Oscar Oliveira’s testimony
My firefighting story-comparison
– This may be part 1 or 2… we’ll see…

Madeleine Peyroux – Cry Baby
Dresden Dolls – Perfect Fit
Sweet Honey & the Rock – When I Rise
Harry Belafonte – A Hole in the Bucket