Sunday Night Wilma

The non-stop Amsterdam autumn rain has arrived. Marking the beginning of human hybernational season; where the only thing we do in the daylight is go to work, and the rest of our time is spent indoors, often waiting for the gaps when the rain lets up long enough for us to get to a cafe, shop, jogging, or frisbee practice – if that’s your thing.

Perhaps this is a good time to make a future prediction.. just to see if I can win the non-prize. Hmm… I say — Mr Scooter resigns and immediately following, Cheney resigns. Say Tuesday. don’t ask what time, I won’t predict that far.

And finally, before I end this briefness today, I think Bill Maher’s Real Time program (download it off bittorrent those of us outside the US) is actually a dam good show. It’s filled with occasional crap and Bill himself is often sexist, racist, and all-around annoying. But when it comes down to it, the man makes great points and I absolutely loved Spike Lee on there this past week.