Spain Knows Justice

If I ever leave the Netherlands, especially considering how the country is gradually becoming a pretty intolerant place, I will very strongly consider Spain. Not because it’s nice and close to Portugal. Not because I care about sunny weather. But because increasingly, the country does things right:

  • Vote out a conservative government that tries to use the “war on terrorism” logic to get elected.
  • Pulled all troops out of Iraq
  • Recognized Gay Marriages
  • Issued a warrant for the arrest of Pinochet (5 years ago)
  • And yesterday they issued warrants for the American Soldiers who killed reporters at the Palestine Hotel!
  • With all the crimes and horrible things that have taken place during this invasion of Iraq, many have probably forgotten the very illegal and murderous operation carried out by a US tank division. Everyone… and I mean everyone.. has known for year and years, that the Palestine Hotel is where journalists from all over the world stay. They make no secret of it, and it had long been respected. But these killers, who claim to be following orders, deliberately targeted the hotel and killed a Spanish and Ukrainian journalist, as well as seriously injuring three reuters journalists.

    So while it’s only a warrant, it is a hell of a statement. I also think their commanders should also be added to the most-wanted list. And finally, since we’re all European Union, wanted criminals in Spain are wanted criminals across the continent.