bicyclemark76: Corruption, Poultry, and Marshall Law

The Global Corruption Report, the inevitable distaster of bird-flu, and Marshall Law on its way to the USA?

AudioCommunique #76(mp3)
29min+, 80kbps, 16Mb+

Discussion Includes:
Mentions of all the great email
Gore Vidal on Radio Nation
Transparency International’s annual report and what I find poor about it
Lots of old-school poultry audio
Could be a good time to join us vegetarians
A shot against the poultry industry


Intro from the Motorcycle Diaries Soundtrack mixed with Gore Vidal
Jimmy Eat World – Shame
Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson – Don’t Take Your Guns to Town
Waldemar Bastos – Paz, Pão, Amor
The English Beat – Sooner or Later
Olga Angelina Garcia – “Poem in Protest”


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