bicyclemark75: Lessons Not Learned About Nuclear Weapons

Robert Macnamara, in the documentary The Fog of War, points out from first hand experience exactly what the media and the public isn’t talking about – The New Nuclear Weapons Program of the US government.

AudioCommunique #75(mp3)
30min+, 80kbps, 15Mb+

Discussion includes:
Lots of Audio of Macnamara
Cuban Missile Crisis Redux
Fire Bombing, Nucs, and War Crimes Commited against Japan
The fact that presently these weapons are still launchable by one man’s decision
Manhattan Project II
The Lone Senate Voice against New Nucs
Helen Caldicott on psychology of scientists and irresponsible politicians
Some US Army instructional video
Last minute note about the terrible state of my beloved Village Voice

Duck and Cover, available at
Talib Kweli – Put it in the Air
Pedro the Lion – I do
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Wanting Memories (dam this is a beautiful song)