bicyclemark73: Individualism, Public Relations, and Politics Part 2

This is part 2 in my miniseries on how Public Relations, inspired by theories of Freud and other social theorists, manipulate the public for the benefit of business and government.

AudioCommunique #73(mp3)
30min+, 80kbps, 17Mb+

Once again I follow the audio from Adam Curtis’s Century of the Self documentary, which is now available for download on

The discussion gets into:
A response to comments on part 1
The challenge to Freud’s theory of the unstable self
Wilhelm Reich’s theories and an except from “Listen Little Man”
Marcuse and the student movement against brainwashing
The mass appeal of individualism and improving yourself
Business’s attempt to galvanize the individualist movement
How politcs borrowed these techniques with the Reagan, Clinton II and Blair campaign.
The result of all this manipulation on democracy

Sweet Honey in the Rock – Your Children
Dresden Dolls – Bank of Boston Beauty Queen
etc. etc.