bicyclemark72: Manipulating the Public, Part 1 (fixed)

AudioCommunique #72(mp3)
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Too much to mention, but the discussion involves :

    The documentary: Century of the Self, by Adam Curtis
    The Father of Public Relations, nephew of Siggy Freud – Eddie Bernays
    Freud’s theories on the nature of people and psychoanalysis
    Corporations and the US government get into the business of understanding how to manipulate people
    Making it acceptable for woman to smoke
    WWI and WWII and the parallels with Nazi propaganda
    Buying Stocks, Cars, Clothes… buying an image
    Creating a link between Democracy and Business as well as The good of the country and business
    United Fruit’s PR campaign and war in Guatamala
    Bernays Fake News Agency and Propaganda machine
    The neverending parellels with Iraq and virtually everything today