Amstel Heaven

Yet another endearing Amsterdam factoid – you’re never more than 30 minutes from total nature. And by total nature I mean lush green fields, old men fishing, stinky fat sheep, and endless bike trails without petrol powered monsters.

I’m involved in a top secret internet related project in a town called Ouderkerk on the Amstel (pictured). All I have to do is ride south along the Amstel river, for about 45 minutes, and I see the cityscape turn into farmscape. In the blink of an eye its cow paddies everywhere. Hell, even that repulsive smell is charming; I kind of lose myself in a blend of nature and podcasts as a cruise down there on my two-wheeled grey goose.

Occasionally you run into tourists on those open roads. I act like I don’t see them, because that’s part of my snobbish – Im a local – attitude Im working on.