World Bank What

I’ve got some world bank people reading this here blog, which is good, because there are no sacred cows here — it’s time to tear into the WB. Specifically there “Doing Business 2006” report which just came out with rankings for what countries are “best” for doing business. Immediately this begs the question — what is good business?

This because for me… the keeping the costs of HIRING and FIRING employees low is NOT a measure of success. Neither is having few tax requirements for corporations. They even have a topic “dealing with liscenses”, as if to say the laws and regulations devised by elected representatives of citizens are somehow… a nuissance. Who knew the WB had gone full-on libertarian?

But lets go to the rankings, shall we…

Hiring and Firing Top 5:

1. Palau
2. Tonga
3. Hong Kong
4. new zealand
5. Maldives

So.. consider moving there because you’ll easily get a job and then lose it just as easily. yay!

Dealing With Liscences
Top 5:
1. Palau
2. New Zealand
3. Micronesia
4. Marshall Islands
5. Japan

Hooray… less hassle with those annoying “liscences” for these countries.

And finally for today, The Burden of Paying Taxes Top 5:
1. Maldives
2. Hong Kong
3. Iraq
4. Oman
5. Saudi Arabia

See… no need to pay taxes.. fuck the building of infastructure and needs of citizens..

Thanks Paul Wolfowitz, for your keen business sense and cold hard facts.