V is for Vlog

With all the issues of concern in the world, I haven’t spoken of the ‘dam lately….

A cold wind has blown in from the North Sea, and brought that familiar fall rain with it. Moreover, it has brought Madge Weinstein and the Vlog Europe conference to town, which means it is garunteed to be an interesting few days.

For those who don’t know, a Vlog is a Video blog. Sound strange? Well you’re reading a blog, which is text, you listen to podcasts which are audio, and just imagine clicking on a video and watching me tell you all this while I look you in the eyes. It’s a all related; grassroots, personal media, in all its imperfections and honesty. I myself don’t Vlog yet, but never say never, and the conference brings up lots of good points about citizen journalists and the future where we will all consult video blogs regularly. (which of course, you can start doing now!)

If you’re interested, I recommend the following two tools, of which I met the creators today and one of them knew exactly who I was from my podcasts.. yay! So.. first there’s MeFeedia an excellent tool for finding vlogs and watching them. And then there’s FireAnt, another tool for finding and watching video on the net. Keep in mind, I recommend them, but Ive never really used them… but I will!

In the meantime I’m very much enjoying riding around Amsterdam with Madge. Despite her obescity, she’s able to get around on a special bike with re-enforced tires. I even find her complaining about her thighs rubbing together as she pedals, charming.

And that’s just how it goes in Amsterdam sometimes. You meet interesting people from all over the world. Some who live here… some who are just passing through.