Throw Down

I’d love to talk more about expat life, dynamic international females who hypnotize me, other world issues, etc. Trouble is, the New Orleans thing is still and will still be nagging for a long time coming.

But instead of repeating my points from the past few days, or telling you what you already know about the relief effort getting better, I direct you instead to mr Holywriter and mr Pierce who use words as weapons in the quest for a lil justice and common sense. Both of whom, for those taking notes, do not consider themselves progressives or leftists… actually I think they’re both admirable ciritcal thinkers.

But before I leave you tonight, I’d like to send a warm good riddance to old useless rubbish… goodbye chief justice ren. How dare I cheer for the death of a public servant, you ask? Because he was a greedy old man who hurt his country by not being honest with himself and retiring years ago. If I sit here and start to think about all the work that did not get done because the chief justice denial just HAD to keep his post. My only wish for him was that he would have retired long ago, let someone qualified take his place, and he could live out his days sitting comfortably in his enormous mansion. Not so such luck. Seems that this generation of leaders do not believe in letting go of power; even when they make mistakes that cost lives or when a nagging thing like DEATH lingers.