Soon the comments on this blog will require peacekeepers or national guard troops to keep things from getting out of hand. Obviously I sparked some emotion yesterday, and all I can say is — if you’re not angry.. then you’re not paying attention.

If there’s one person I look to for alot of information and understanding of what’s going on in New Orleans, it’s the mayor. Prior to this tragedy, I knew nothing about him. I still don’t know what his politics are.. .and honestly.. I don’t care. His behavior has gained my respect and attention. I just saw him on the BBC literally calling the response from the federal government Bullshit! He also comdemed all the media and politicians (read-theprez) flying over head and snapping photos instead of actually getting to work and assisting in the relief effort.

Speaking of the Beeb…. I’m a trained media critic, and I must say – I never expected – the coverage of the BBC has been excellent. What makes it excellent? They’re asking REAL QUESTIONS. Instead of just regurgitating white house press releases or the usual media mantra of infotainment, Ive heard several BBC reporters ask US officials the following great question:

Is this a case of the United States having been so obsessed with fighting terrorism that they neglected to address the basic needs of the country?

ding ding ding—- EXCELLENT QUESTION.

And besides that the BBC has been openly critical of the bad preperation and known problems with Lousiana’s coastal infrastructure. And for that, I highly recommend you use them as a source for information instead of the pathetic CNN and whatever else shows you pretty graphics and exciting music.

Oh and one final point. There is something very wierd about watching a president who spends billions upon billions on invading a country, ask people to send cash donations. I’m not saying its bad to donate, I’m saying I get a wierd feeling in my stomach when I watch him do it.