Overheard in Amsterdam

We now take you to the Frisbee field in South Amsterdam, for another scene proving what a wonderfully international place this can be. – Cut to: The Frisbee Fields in Amsterdamse Bos.. where Blue Steel is taking on the Crazy Purple Grapes. Bicyclemark and a new guy are standing on the sidelines waiting to sub in on the next point. The new guy turns and asks in Dutch:

So where are you from originally?

BM, in my usual confusing style:
Oh Im Portuguese but I’m American.. spent most of my life in the US.

Guy on sideline says: Oh, I know how it is. I don’t have any Dutch blood, but I’ve lived here all my life. Im adopted from Sri Lanka, me and my two brothers when we were babies. But I guess I’m Dutch, according to my passport.

BM: Wow, Sri Lanka.. the Netherlands… thats a good life story.

GoS: I guess so, I don’t remember any of it.

Team captain: Yo guys, you’re in!

And so it goes in this international game they call ultimate frisbee.