On the Bayou

You may start to see a familiar theme running through my posts lately, but this stuff is festering inside my brain and its often a point of view that I think is completely absent from public dialogue.

Sure enough today we’re talking hurricane K and nightmarish conditions in New Orleans and Alabama. – Now the way the big media companies paint the picture, it’s basically a huge disaster and lots of people need help and if you could dial bla bla bla and donate to red cross dot bla bla. And that’s basically the tone of the reporting; show images of people on roofs waving… pleading for help, show brave pretend reporter in front of pile of rubble, switch to gwbush struggling to read the statements they wrote in crayon for him. The whole time you can tell he wishes it was a war speech cause those are the only lines he knows by heart.

And so that’s it right? Nothing else to do if you’re the media and the public. WRONG.
It is more than time to ask WHY. Since they didn’t investigate before this happened, the fact that the state of Louisiana had its emergency funds and infrastructure funds cut to help pay for the Iraq quagmire, needs to be exposed. Not to mention the fact that between 35 and 40 percent of the Alabama and Lousiana national guard is in Iraq distributing freedom by the barrel of a gun. This is not just a freak act of nature, this is a deliberate and criminal camapaign by the federal government and their insane crusades around the world, which leaves the nation unprepared for emergencies.

Oh, and just one more note, as you channel surf and watch all the bullshit reporting.. take note who is most effected by all this. The POOR. Look at the people standing on their roofs, I don’t see rich white people standing ontop of their mansions… no.. it’s poor people who are normally completely ignored all year long. Well, except when they appear on one of those COPS shows. And then they condemn the looting. If my family has no water or food, and no sign of being rescued for days.. you can bet I’ll be looting my local supermarket as well.

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