Oh Kanzler

Our wacky german neighbors are having elections. And I just love when it’s election time in the .de. Not only because I think it’s an extremely interesting and fairly healthy democratic system, but because it brings back memories of me and my buddy… Koblenz’s Martin G.. when we first arrived at University in Amsterdam and I’d wonder down to his apartment on election night.

Mart’s place was excellent for election coverage; he would translate the ARD or the ZDF TV coverage, and describe the dry style of the reporter. Then we’d do our own news and political analysis – being the european communications scholars that we were are. All this while eating the darkest of chocolate and sipping what I believe to have been fine whiskey. Sound high class? Well that’s what politics is all about, the allocation of scarce resources for international students to sit on their lazy asses and ponder the future of the world.

So by the time you read this you’ll probably know more about the confusing result. As I watch the results coming in on the german public tv… I miss my buddy mart.. who I can just picture is sitting right now in his stockholm apartment, watching the results with some dark chocolate within reach.