I can explain

Sometimes.. though very rarely, I like to mention my activities in fantasy sports leagues. Some might consider this useless information, but I would suggest otherwise.

Of course, if you don’t know, fantasy sports leagues are where you sign up with someone like yahoo, and you get a team, and you draft a group of players, and then depending on how they do, your team does better.

You might recall my non-American basketball team, the Stoned Tourists; made up only of players from other countries. we did terribly, but it sure was fun. Currently my baseball team, the Amsterdam Junkies, are in the playoffs, we’re very good, thanks to some the finest pitchers in the league. And lastly, I’ve high (pardon the pun) hopes for my fantasy football team, the Amsterdam Sexworkers, though most of my players are either washed up, or wounded.

The point of this post is not merely to talk about my love for fantasy sports leagues, but to further explain what function it serves a Portuguese-American who worries about the state of the world. And that function is very simple; it reconnects me with my childhood. Back when I would read the sports page every morning with my dad. Before I learned about the inequalities of the world, when memorizing facts about sports players seemed important. While I don’t have the desire to move back to the US, I do want to stay connected through various ways, and fantasy sports online do the trick for me.

Plus, I love naming my teams after cultural aspects of Amsterdam.