Cindy Harassed by New York’s Worst

If there’s one thing I dislike more than cops who think they can do whatever they like whenever they want – it’s cops who pick on mothers who’ve dedicated their lives to stopping war.

Amazingly no police in Texas, the alleged bastion of conservatism, took microphones away from the scores of people camped out at Crawford. No, they had to go to New York City, the alleged bastion of open minded thinking, where the police decide they need special permits to speak their grievences, and some of them claimed to have “never heard of her.” Never heard of Cindy Sheehan? Bullshit!

Anyway those of us raised or living in the NYC area know all about this situation. My university years often involved going to demostrations where the cops outnumbered the protesters and cornered us into tiny pens in obscure parts of the city where the tourists and businesspeople wouldn’t see us.

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