Blonde But Gone

This post is about ex-pat life and the people who make up your life. Actually it doesn’t matter if you’re an expat, I’m sure where ever you live, you’re in the business of surrounding yourself with people you admire, enjoy, learn from, and just plain feel like “your people”. For many, family is a good source of this as well… unconditional love, I think they call it.

So as expats or anyone living too far from their family, those people you allow into your life and who’s life you’re allowed into, they act as more than just those you like to hit the town and drink one down with… they are vital components of who you are and the manner with which you go through life. They are your second family. And anytime one of those family members leaves, even if it isn’t forever, a part of you leaves as well.

Too dramatic, you think? It’s normal in an international city, says you? Perhaps. But last night the Mindcaster, myself, and some other friends, celebrated in honor of the departure of the great BlondeButBright. The famed blogger, academic, feminist, social critic, and pigeon hater. We joked and danced and even drank a bit, I think to both soak in some last moments for many months and to mask some of the sadness to see our friend go.

Fear not Amsterdam, BBB will certainly be back in 2006, refreshed and ready to once again take this town by storm. Until then, we’ll always have incriminating photos to make us smile thinking of that last crazy autumn night.