Shopping for Blogs

Its Sunday and within a few weeks I shall be packing up the bicyclemark ranch and moving across town to the Old West. Where at high noon I’ll probably have to draw my six shooter against some Dutch outlaw. No wait.. wrong year, wrong region, wrong neighborhood. Old West is a lovely place where children run and play while future yuppies sip fine wine in small cafés.
But thats not the point today!

We all have our routines, whether its in offline life or online life. And Im sure you all have your favorite sites, feeds, message boards, etc. Myself Ive got around 150 feeds that I read almost daily. THAT is insane. Despite that fact, today I went blog shopping, to meet new bloggers and maybe find somethings to add to my routine. So let’s see, here come the links… I don’t have a solid review on each one yet.. Im still soaking them in. I can say that my theme in searching for them was people living outside their country or simply in interesting places, as far as Im concerned.

This one’s for food… Gluten Free, in fact.

This one’s from Taiwan, an ex American.

And this one from Bombay, just catches my attention, for lots of reasons.