Maple Leaves

What is it about Canadians? Stay with me here—

I can’t resist the friendliness. The coolness. The relaxed; good-heartedness; so many of them bleed.

Not only here in Amsterdam, but all over the world, I have Canadian friends that I adore living outside their home country. They are often the ultimate expats. They blend in. They speak the local language when necessary. Lots of times they have a parent or a loved one who is probably from that country.

Whichever the case, I have a thing for Canadians- I just like them. Even the bad ones… I think I like them too. But I do have to ask, in a generally curious way, how did they get this way?

All these things traveled through my brain yesterday, as I stood there smiling and swaying to the music at Paradiso. Thanks once again to Toronto’s Finest Chef in exile, I was watching one of my favorite bands ever – The Stars. Even this group, in all their popularity and success, even they seemed lovable and down to earth. I wanted to climb on stage and invite them over for dinner. Again.. that oh-canada magic.

Speaking of which, I miss my brooklynzoo… who now lives in Berlin, and I fully intend to visit.