Insane German Movie

I don’t often go around pushing the films on all of you out there in blog reading land. But tonight I was unexpectedly left completely shocked and disturbed by a German Film – Das Experiment.

The film is based on the Stanford Prison Experiment, which was basically a psychological experiment involving a fake prison where volunteers are divided into guards and prisoners and told to live that way, acting like a normal prison, for 2 weeks. And of course, the experiment got rapidly out of control, guards started using insane torture methods, inmates became mentally disturbed, and I think lots of people got in trouble for all the damage that was done. Sure enough, rebellions at prisons like Attica and San Quentin took place not too long afterwards.

The movie is by far one of the most disturbing I have ever seen. I actually felt sick, nervous, and angry by the end. And there were no special effects, which makes me think this german director is a fantastic artist. It also reminds me of Abu Ghraib and the way soldiers/guards tortured and humiliated prisoners. Come to think of it, I’ve known a number of American prison guards in my life and their stories and the way they spoke of their job was pretty disturbing.

So if you’re up for such things — go rent it! Or check the bittorent.