Progressive Podcasts Review; What I listen to and why.

AudioCommunique #62(mp3)
30min+, 64kbps, 14Mb+

Public Radio Podcasts Discussed:
Democracy Now
Off the Hook
Radio Open Source
Media Matters
On the Media

Traditional Alternative Media Podcasts:
Fire On the Prairie from In These Times magazine, NOT the New republic. Whoops.
Indymedia Podcast Feed

Native Podcasts:
Yeast Radio

Doing it with music:
Tinkoff Radio
Radio Clash

AudioComments from:
Eliott in Canada
Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast, Olympia – Washington

Music from:

Allen Ginsburg DJ Mix – Come Along
G. Love – Lovin You (The Hustle)
Jets to Brazil – In the Summer, You Really Know (Four Cornered Night)
Family Guy – I’m Yours (live in Las Vegas)
Fallout Boy – Grand Theft Autumn