Irony of Community

Reflection Eternal The reoccuring thought in my little brain, and the frequent topic of conversation with some old high school friends who happenned to be in town: community.

It’s part of the reason why you’re here. It’s a good part of the reason why I write. Community. In this case, online. But regardless of the venue, it is what we often seek, myself included.

Despite having moved a few times in my adult life, between countries, it is ironically what I secretly desire. If you’ve stayed put over the last 10 years or so, without thinking too much about it – it is probably what you have; you know your neighbors. You know the dude at the corner café, the cutee bartender at that pub across town, maybe the postal worker who comes to your door daily. It could be just a matter of personal taste, but I like to imagine that sort of thing will bring me lots of personal satisfaction. Asense of being right with the world, belonging, being an appreciated part of a whole.

And so it seems ironic, especially when speaking with old high school friends who now work at that very high school, that I left that town where I knew so many. I run around Amsterdam trying to get on a first name basis with the girls at the bagel shop, or that homeless dude who sells the streetpaper. Again, believing that if I can do that, I’ll have that sense of community that I probably walked away from way back when. – Don’t get me wrong, I love where I am, but I won’t pretend to not see the ironies.

Speaking of community, Jamie’s hangin in our south jersey hood. And the midnight mailman is launching a film career.