Il faut pas tuer

Readers round these parts probably know that I consider myself a world citizen. And as such, the only organized government that I remotely believe in is the United Nations. Flawed and perpetually in crisis, I believe in the concept of all nations working together for peace, justice, and a decent standard of living. And so, though a pacifist, I believe in many of the functions of the blue helmets who are deployed often in the most tense situations, to maintain peace without a mandate to kill.

Brazilian Peacekeepers Are BloodthirstyUnfortunately they have a mixed record, which isn’t too big of a surprise considering how imperfect the governments involved are. But still, I hate seeing it and I demand better.

I’m thinking particularly of the latest slaughter in Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Carried out by a majority Brazilian military force, who I originally thought would provide competant and restrained assistance, following the secretly US supported removal of president Aristide, over one year ago.

The UN says the 20 or more civilians who were killed in a recent battle, were criminals who attacked them. The Haitians who managed to get access to media and relatives in New York City, say otherwise. Women and children, innocent civilians were gunned down.

Though I’m a fan of the United Nations, I know who I believe. And the testimony is slowly coming to light, it was a massacre, and the whole world keeps its eyes closed to anything that goes on in poor Haiti.