Great Comments July 05

For your reading pleasure, I present a collection of great comments from this week on the communique:

Egypt BombingsOn my questionable opinion about the London bombings and public outry:

Not to be unorigional but I totally agree. I am saddened by the anger. I think if we recognized that we are complicit in the development of these tragedies we would be a lot closer so changing, and preventing further bombings. we live in a culture of terror and the longer we pretend that these acts can ONLY be perpetrated by insane people whose motivations cannot possibly be understood the worse things will get.

– Asia Kennan, the Deconstructionist

On me saying the Rove firing wouldn’t matter:

Dude, Rove being fired would be FUCKING HUGE.. Yeah, the pres and him are going to chity chat but whatever, that’s not what this is about at all. You’re completely missing the point.

It’s image and leverage, Bush is the born again, more moral than that Clinton evil…if his #1 guy goes down for a crime regarding leaking national security info the ramifications are huge. Any wind left in congressional republican sails would be gone, the administrative approval ratings would sink lower and congressional elections are coming up in 2006

– D-rock, King of the District.

On critical thinking:
btw, never stop questioning what motivates humanity to do the things we do….. it’s the first step to a higher understanding of ourselves and maybe gaining a higher level of ‘being’ in the bigger picture of existance in the Universe.
– Donna, from zephyr illusions

On Anne Coulter as a sexual fantasy:

I wanna know what DRock was doing at….
shit, I just gave her lousy site another hit. She reminds me of a horse. A very mean, psycho horse.

Ms Thingk, internet icon.

Shit, I just noticed this. Since its in the middle east I guess it wont make the front page.