Breaking News: Londons Burning

Apologies for the poor taste headline. I’ve been reading the BBC’s text-message testamonies and its very sad.

Blasts in London

Worried about everyone there. Just like I worry about all the victims of violence around the world.

In the meantime Im in the fishtank and the Dutch news is running some story about a Puma being kidnapped or some shit. The corporate media has a keen eye for useless crap to keep us dumb.

13h52 UPDATE: Blair and the BBC are already spreading speculation and stupidity about how its “probably terrorism” or.. “possibly linked to Al Qaeda”. The world has no use for professional investigations or court systems anymore, political leaders and media have cut out the middle man. They are the modern day judge-jury-and executioner. Get ready world, someones going to get invaded or bombed over this.