Minority Reports: Society’s fetish with categories, and breaking news from sweden.

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    Live8 – Are these concerts really making a difference at all?
    Categories, the world’s obession
    Looking at all these developments, new directories, categories, everyone must fit into a box.
    Im listed under Dutch and Travel. Does that really define me?
    This is why on my weblog, I mess with categories.
    When I talk about forms in the US, with the race category, people in the NL get really curious, because its so strange for them.
    My mom used to tell me — write OTHER: Portuguese… and I did.
    Its a sick obsession, in some places it has encouraged conflict
    I blame the categories.
    Special Filesharing Report from Sweden: Martin G under his desk.
    Tinkoff Radio and MiniPaul are two Ive been listening to.