The Daily

Thanks to the wonders of filesharing, I watch my Daily Show every evening over dinner. Well, I watch last night’s episode, but that doesn’t make it any less of a hilarious show. But what really fascinates me about this program is its popularity and its message.

When I was a college student in New Jersey, seemed like everyone stopped everything at 11pm to watch their Daily. And I’ve also been told that it’s more widely watched then most other news programs. But that’s not the cool part, what I find really cool, is that the Daily Show is very OVERTLY ciritical of the Bush administration and the hypocracy of both parties in congress. I somehow figured by doing that they would be branded as traitors and boycotted — but wonder of wonders — they are thriving! It’s a beautiful thing. One of those things someone like me can respond to non-Americans when they ask — Whats going on with the people in the US? I can say — well, on the bright side, they LOVE the Daily Show. Just like I do.