Frisbee Photo Essay

Before I show you the glossy goodness that was wednesday ultimate frisbee practice, I must say happy blog birthday to two of my favorite all time bloggers and real life friends: BlondeButBright (who turns one) and the Lilia of Mathemagenic (turning three). Best wishes to two of the finest minds on the internets.

Now to put aside the horrendous state of the world and shameful corruption among world leaders, I present to you, a lazy 4-part photo essay of todays practice:

These are the experienced players, once a week they school me. It hurts.

That there is Canada’s frisbee pride and joy, the man who brought me into the game.

They never seem to notice things like heat, cold, rain, hunger, nightfall.

In conclusion, my on-field crush is over and Ill never ask ol whats her name out. My new on-field crush is the grass which I dive into face first frequently. Its much simpler this way.