Fingerprint Frisbee Girl

Today was the Amsterdam City League finals. So you’ll have to tolerate more gratuitous frisbee-lingo as well as the occasional pining over a frisbee girl. But don’t worry, there’s a deeper message in this one for those who seek something more than the mundane goings on aux Pays-Bas.

If you’re curious, my team: Blue Steel, took the third place match by spanking the red guys. Allow me to pat myself on the back for two reasons: one – after only a couple of months playing, I scored a few, setup a few, and did some heart-breaking defensive plays. Dam I love this sport. and two – after the match there is always a game of some sort, and without going into detail, I am now the champion of the smack the butt game. Somewhere, my mom is beaming with pride.

But lets get to a more pressing issue. As Big Jim did the traditional heckling of the final match, frisbee girl was telling me about how she has never eaten a bagel, and has little desire to EVER visit the US, because she finds the practice of photographing and fingerprinting visitors – humiliating. Which to any rational human being – it is . But after awarding her the first ever bagel of her life, i starting thinking about what a loss the US is taking. Tourists, students, maybe even businesses, and worst of all – frisbee girl- choosing not to go there. Who don’t want to be treated like a criminal, so don’t bring their knowledge and contribution to the country. You can imagine the brain drain the US will face for years to come, much to the benefit of Canada- probably.

For homework tonight read the Radiohumper, carefully.