Fascism on the March

They hate public broadcasting. They hate it. They’ve hated it for decades. Wouldn’t you hate something that exposes you, as an incompetant world leader, for the fraud that you are? And you know that public broadcasting never got into the whole big graphics with american flags and exciting 3d animations in your newsreports bullshit.

So now they’re on the attack. They’ve had just about enough of this quality journalism crap! Say goodbye to BigBird and Frontline, they want to cut 25% of the PBS budget and thensome. And just to pour salt on the wound, they’re holding health and welfare programs hostage. Saying if you want to keep your health and social programs, they have to cut PBS, because -you know- SOMEBODY mismanaged the budget and spends billions on the colonization of the middle east.

Oh and as an extra kick in the head, several of the members of this congressional committee set to destroy public broadcasting are our supposed saviors: Democrats. If there’s one party I hate as much as I hate the republicans its those spineless dems.

Brighter news, the internets’ very own Lilia of Mathemagenic is speaking at the fishtank tomorrow! I’ve been asked to podcast it.. bicyclemark to the podcast rescue.