Broke the internet

Much of the internet has been broken today. Funny how that can happen. Servers overloaded. Websites down. Feeds getting pounded. Hooray for chaos.

As you can tell, I’m one of those old time Anarcho-Syndicists. I’m lazy so I won’t check on the spelling, but they’re the working class people who fought Franco and his fascist army in the Spanish civil war. Thats right… I dream of having been a part of the Lincoln brigade. Me and Hemmingway, and those others guys. Cept I would have tried not to shoot any guns. I’d be in charge of printing the anarcho-syndicist newsletter. Everyday we’d have a political cartoon where Franco would look like an insane moron. Our people would look forward to that cartoon. Specially since many of them can’t read anyway, but don’t remind me about that, cause I feel all-proud for writing my newsletter. And aye those revolutionary nights in Barceloca.

Like I said, the internet is broken today. Much like Nixon’s tape recorder, even dead, the man’s as fun as 2-pac. And it’s good to know Canada isn’t insane, and people who love each other can go get married there.
Meet my new friend and her Cul-de-sac on the information super highway.