AudioComm #46 – Fly me to Senegal

AudioCommunique #46(mp3)

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1 #46 – Fly me to Senegal
2 Update on the squat.
3 Airbus, I was watching a cool documentary about the A-380
3.1 Largely underreported landmark,
3.2 What it SHOULD mean, even though it doesnt.
3.3 Benchmarks, 747, Concord… very few since then. I look at planes and I think — what an old idea.
3.4 A criticism of capitalism, we only invest if its “profitable” so instead of advancing after, say, going to the moon, we instead focus on missiles and corperate tax breaks and stupid shit.
3.4.1 Money holds our society back, and thats pathetic.
4 Briefly on Iran and Iraq
5 Podcast developments; Adam Curry’s latest was great.
5.1 History repeating itself, pirates getting mainstream attention.
5.2 My addendum, lets not cooperate TOO willingly.
6 Will I finally do a show in French this week? J’ espere bien.