Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Did you feel your freedom threatened today? Did you reach for that ducktape you finally packed away last year? Did you flip on the worthless CNN/FOX/MTVnews to try and hear the reports? Did you call your family members just to tell them: “Did you hear, a plane flew into the White House Airspace.”

Sniff Sniff…. can you smell the bullshit? It’s going to get even more rotten in the coming years, because they’re going to try harder and harder to remind you to be scared, to fear some imaginary enemy, while they benefit in ooooh so many ways.

But I’m accross the pond in Europa. From where I sit, slowly but surely, people realize what a manipulative ruling class they’re living under…. right? I mean, any day now they’re finally going to impeach… congress I mean.. right? (my favorite progressive bumper sticker: Impeach Congress! or… Support your local government, buy a congress person.)

Meanwhile, just to see what the masses are ingesting, I turn on CNN international. Sure enough there’s a commercial for Dassault-Falcon Business Jets, cause they’re the fastest, most fuel efficient jets for your company. I’ll say — I’m gonna go out and start a paper route right now!

PS– In seeking insight from DC bloggers, I noticed the DC metro bloggermap is way out of date. Disappointing. Then I stumbled upon a self-proclaimed Leftist Politics blog in Maryland. Rather dry, but I say RIGHT ON for knowing your cause.