Not For Show

Lately, through technical failure or conscious choice, I’ve been reminded of the fact that not everything is meant to be recorded in audio, text, video, etc. Some things are personal, or to be lived in the moment, without concern for who else I can reproduce it for through whichever of my favorite personal publishing platforms.

You the reader, probably know this. But keep in mind, I’ve been doing this for a number of years, and therefore – it is second nature. Something interesting happens in my daily life, or an interesting story, or an idea… my brain immediately begins to plan the written report, or for the past months — how to do it audio-style.

Don’t get me wrong; blogging, podcasting, it’s in my blood. It flows through me like art for a painter, science for an astronaut, cookies for the monster. I’ve made a personal commitment, to all of you, myself, and the internets as a whole. This commitment holds the internet as the key, the medium, the avenue, for me to reach you, and for you to reach right back. Repeat this experience, be it everyday, or once a week, or whatever. Allow time to pass, experiences, changes… to me, that is how and why blogging works. (ditto for podcasting, plus ad the rich second dimension of sound.)

I digress, the point was… note to self: sometimes it’s good to stop trying to capture everymoment in a timecapsule. Oh, and read lots of FanBoy this week.