Meet the Neighbors #2

I had written this post and it was good, but Firefox on Mac is giving me troubles. I know! I didn’t believe either. Nevermind that, it’s time for the second installment of the series where I go down my blogroll and talk about people I’ve linked and why.

So we begin today with And Then, better known as Sylkk. Now let’s be honest friends, Florida hasn’t always been our most beloved state over the years. However they can be quite proud for bringing us this open-minded and kind-hearted blogger. I know about Sylkk because she was linked by mr TheStateImIn himself, which for me is always a good indicator of quality. Her writings about life, love, work, and play are for me always an oasis of warmth. I don’t comment as often as I’d like to, but at the very least I can say it here — I like this blog and the person behind it. Plus, I can remember the first time I saw her photo on buzznet, and it only confirmed how beautiful she is. (remember this isn’t creepy, its just a non-creepy compliment)

Moving down the list, we come to formerly Staten Island’s.. now Philadelphia’s own Being Christine. I met her through myspace, one of the better online communities out there. Last yearI was lucky enough to meet her at Newark Airport and she drove me to the Bicyclemark Family Headquarters. C writes about working as a social worker in crazy Philly, family, relationships, and her own well-being. There’s always that special place you keep for bloggers you’ve met in real life… isn’t there?

And well, there you have it, two more of my blog neighbors. See you next time~