VBlogging Friends

I’m doing my tribute to video blogging today. But it’s hard to talk visuals when i have some kind of eye problem right now. In high school we used to call this pink eye or something, but I refuse to admit I could have such a thing. So I call mine, an eye irritation. But nevermind that, let’s talk about vblogging.

Don’t get scared, it’s not far off at all. Matter of fact, it’s already here. You know blogs (I hope), cause you’re reading one. And while the world may still send mixed signals in public, you also know about podcasting; sort of an audioblogging. So vbloging is the next step of course. In the natural progression, dating back to the typewriter, radio and television. People will (and are) record snippets of their daily lives, or a personal message, and publish it to their blog-style site. Direct, personal- media.

I know.. I know.. video bm? But think deeper, there are so many people in this world of internets. Obviously most of us can sneak a peek during work and read blogs. MAybe slightly less of us can pop on headphones or just load podcasts onto our mp3 players and listen to shows. So probably even less of us can sit and watch video blogs on our computers throughout the day. Even if those little handheld video players are getting more popular. But still… there are so many of you out there… some prefer text, others sound, and plenty — video. So, vblogging is definitely here to stay. Just ask the duke of the vblog… Anti. I think my favorite part of anti’s films are when he puts the caption under them with the title. It always has the little tag “a film”. Thats the part I love…. like “How to Brush your Teetha Film

I playing with the Vblog system he recommends, but its far from perfect. Wanted to throw on a vb of my own here, but no dice. So instead I refer you to his work, as well as that of Madge Weinstein’s Insane Films, and the wide world of Vblogging. Look out world, it’s already here!

Today’s Sounds: Desperate Housewives is on lazy friday night Belgian TV