Throw Up

Sometimes on saturday I like blogging a family story. Tell you bout my parents and life in Newark when I was a kid. Or maybe bout a journey I took in Portugal, Spain, or whatever. I’ve got lots of those. I know not everyone gets that chance, I know I’m lucky. But actually I lost the train of thought, for one reason tonight:

I’m watching this We Were Soldiers movie. Did you see it? Maybe not. It’s got me close to throwing up. The part where a bunch of the soldiers are caught in the bombing line and they’re all charred and burning alive, and then the journalist tries to lift one of them by his legs. The guys legs are all black, like bar-B-Q, and when he goes to grip the tar colored ankles, the flesh falls right off. You see the muscle tissue and the bone, and the journalist has fists full of flesh… I’m on the couch clutching my stomach, and you tell me what the fuck was it for? War is the stupidest ritual the earth has ever known. Maybe dumber then all the mass murders, rapes, environmental dumpings, political scandals, money laundering, child abusing…

I don’t know if you can make a scale like that, but if you could, war would be on top. The worst of the worst. The most inhuman and pointless. TAKE THAT HILL. CONTROL THAT RIDGE. FLANK THAT FLANK THIS. WIN THE BATTLE. DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY. What the fuck for?

I got an idea. Don’t do it. When you get the order. don’t. If you’re the “enemy” disobey. If you care about FREEDOM or SAFETY… Walk away. Go to jail. Suffer the punishment. Cause there cannot be anything worse then killing or being killed on the so-called battlefield.

The pope is dead. Whooptey do. They pray in Saint Peters and everwhere. The cameras are there. Yet all over the world there are wars… little.. big.. war. Skip the praying… everybody go there and stand in the fucking way! Hold hands like its a hippy event and stand there unarmed.

Stupid idea? Well… can’t be any dumber then the idea that carrying weapons and shooting other humans is important for your future. If that’s the future, count me out. I’ll go hang with the Pope and Joe Strummer, cause you know those two are gonna hang.

Today’s Sounds: Faudel – Sumra