Study Sverige Now

Dear Blog readers, stop the presses! Tomorrow we’re heading to Sweden! YES – Scandinavia! By we- I mean you and I, with emphasis on the ME. In a few measly hours I’ll endure the HORROR of low-cost transavia airlines and the middle-of-nowhere airport they call Rotterdam airport. I’ve got lots of toys loaded onto the PBg4 which I can toy with throughout the journey, and I picked up pistachios, which will be my sustenance for the duration.

HOWEVER – before we fly to a new land, we must first study this land… or at least amass a collection of quirky facts so we can feel edumacated. So, let’s get studying the Kingdom of Sweden! (cue the Abba music!)

Lesson 1: The penis shaped country covers a landmass of 410,934 sq km, that’s like – slightly bigger then California. – I wonder if it gets landmass envy?

Lesson 2: Sweden has a population of around 9 million. It’s capital, Stockholm – home of my buddy Marty McFly, has around 740,000 people. But they did the census before he moved there, so add one.

Lesson 3: Swedish people have an average life expectancy of 80.4 years. Number 7 on the alltime greatest life-span-hits list. Japan is above them, and so are names like Andorra and Macau, which isn’t even a country, but what do you expect from the CIA’s info?

Lesson 4: MAybe you knew that Abba and Ace of Base, two of the finest groups ever assembled, are Swedish. But did you know that Millencolin, The Hives, and YES Roxette, are Swedish.

So there you have it, study up, cause tomorrow we go Swedish, and we want to fit in right?

If you’d like to learn more about Sverige, please consult the widely acclaimed LEARN SWEDISH blog, or this young lady, who will give me shelter and cake.

Today’s Sounds: Cardigans – Long Gone Before…