Stockholm Here I Am

I’m not sure but I think this is how to email a post using blogger. Which is of course, down right now. Talk about one of the worst performances by a company, has been a total let down in 2005. It’s no wonder people are running away and moving to word press, as will I, shortly.

Stockholm rocks the house as far as cities go. And I say that without having seen much. It’s enough to sit with my friends Marty McFly and the Sweetest Sofia and reminisce, share new stories, etc. This alone gives me an idea of how great there world is here in Sweden’s capitol. Tomorrow is tourism time, and soundseeing of course. So I hope you’ll join me.

For now, there’s a comfy guest cot awaiting me, and I can hit the snooze as much as I want in the morning.

Today’s Sounds: Downloaded South PArk Episodes