See Me Live

Some of you seen me all live and fully clothed on the internets this afternoon. I talked a mighty talk bout podcasting, and I tried my bestest not to offend too many out there, but you know – the mouth, its got a mind of its own.

Still I think it went well. The audienced seemed chill and the virtual audience was pretty active and I loved seeing many of you asking me questions. Specially Joggl in Germany and BlondeButBight currently in the UK! Actually there were other questions from other friends, so thank you to all of you. Tomorrow I’ll see if I cant get a link to the archived video up.

Today I met Dijereedoo Jim, if I may baptize him with that blogname. He’s an Australian living here, but to simplify his identity in a few blog setences couldn’t do him justice. Among other things, we had a long talk about the yuppification of cities, since he had lived in the Pijp neighborhood of Amsterdam back in 99, and it was then becoming, and is now, very trendy. The order seems to go, industrial wasteland, working class housing, artists, people who think artists are cool to live near, and then yuppies. With each level double the rent, while you’re at it.
Anyway I digress, the man rocks.

Tomorrow, it’s Stockholm for me, and Ill be podcasting of course. Soundseeing tours, with limited editing cause I gotta say, Garageband is simply not as cool as Audition. But, apparently MAC has a much cooler program called Soundstudio or something, and I must get it! Underground channels, can you help a new MAC bother out?

Sidenote: After the presentation a pair of MAC guys sat down with me and pulled out there 17 inch and 15 inch…. LAPTOPS… it was hot. I was sweaty. Those are so gorgeous machines, my baby 12 is a hotty too, but when you see those other chicas…. yowzah.

Eventually this blog will talk politics again, just not right now. Still, somebody should keep an eye on Bush, Congress, and the plan to drill in the arctic. I hear theyre reviving it bigtime.

Today’s Sounds: Dawn and Drew’s latest