Rise Up Zimbabwe

(a none rhyming poem)

Zimbabwe re-elected the president – again.

mr. president says he wants to stay in power til he’s a hundred.

powerful countries say they will fight tyranny around the world.

zimbabwe doesn’t have any oil or strategic location in southern africa.

hypocrisy? irony? stupidity? Inconsistency?

people are hungry. newspapers are closed. voices are murdered, arrested, silenced.

it’s time for an uprising, and not the kind with the guns or the invasions.

it’s time for scared people to get brave, and march into the presidential palace.

tear down the fences, open the gates, expose the emperor and the clothes he isn’t wearing.

do it now, do it without made in europe/us/russia guns. do it with made in zimbabwe strength.

that type of power and spirit cannot be imported, nor can it be quelled for long.

remember steve biko? remember patrice lumumba? remember ken sarowiwa? heros. then and now.

that’s my wish, as an outsider and cultural admirer, for you.

Today’s Sounds: Yeast Radio – Madge in Miami

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