It’s good to get back to the ‘dam. If there’s ever any question as to whether or not I’m in love with this city, that question is answered the moment I land back in the NL and I breathe in the moist air and involuntarily smile following a long sigh of relief. I’m home! No not New Jersey. No not Lisbon. Home in the present tense, no offence to the latter two wonderful places.

Sweden is obviously a wonderful place. Huge, with lots of space, is what I can conclude from seeing it from the plane. Diverse and modern is what I can conclude from walking the streets and watching the people. But there was one aspect of people in Sweden that I wanted to point out – and that’s their use of tobacco.

I’m not talking about smoking. No no. You can go into any club in Stockholm and I’m pretty sure the air will be breathable, not including the stench of man-hormones as they try to pick up all the females in the vicinity. You won’t smell smoke, yet everybody is using tobacco. How? Through these little baggies, which come in a little circular case. You place these miniature tobacco pouches under your upperlip, and apparently it just soaks into your system. (and gives everyone a temporarily fatter lip)

Now no offence to my friends up there, but to me — this is scary! Tons of people are doing this instead of smoking, yet I can only imagine the effects. Though apparently it’s not ALL bad for your health, it seems just as addictive as cigarettes, and worst of all its going in your mouth, so in theory – isn’t that dangerous in the long run?

Believe it or not, I’m not a doctor. But I do play one on the internets. And I’m worried about Scandinavians and their love for this habit.. which I believe is called Snus. I’m not a guy who panics about people smoking or preaches to others about what they should or shouldn’t do with their bodies, but I had to mention this and how odd it made me feel to see it.

Now go read TPB on the literary world. and then take notes of how Madame Levy cons people out of rugs.

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