Moving Pains

No, you’re not lost. I’ve moved. Just down the block from our old place, and a much easier address. More importantly, no more blogger. No more delays or system down or whatever the hell was wrong with blogger. My move has lots of bugs in it, lots of problems to be fixed, please don’t bombard me with “fix this bm” emails, because that will make my head explode. So-to-speak.

I’ve been having great skype chats lately. This evening with Madge Weinstein, who will be appearing on my podcast this week. And looking at the news about the train derailment in Japan, makes me think of the conversation I had with Scott from Tokyo Calling last night. I do hope he and his family are ok.

Both these conversations reinforced the fact that blogging… podcasting.. it’s all related to personal connections. You come to know someone, to some extent, and you grow/explore ideas with them. Just as I’ve come to know many of you reading this, so too have I come to know other podcasters, and it’s always amazing how easy it is to get along with them. Like we’ve known each other forever.

Yet another example of this would be the Sloeries, Holland’s beloved podcasting couple, who came over to the bicyclemark ranch yesterday and filled my powerbook with yummy goodness. (thanks duc!) Still getting the hang of lots of these shortcuts and software, but I can tell you now, I’m sold, this here powerbook is Quality with a capital Q.