Low Budget Blows

Remind me to tell you my plan for getting together a bunch of young kick-ass laywers to take all these low budget airlines like RyanAir and Transavia to the European Court of Justice and sueing them for violations of my traveler rights and fraud. It doesn’t count as Brussels, Stockholm, or Rome if the airport is 2 HOURS away from the actual city! Yet they advertize cheap ass flights as if it were true. If you come to Europa, stick with the quality airlines or else Easyjet – cause they still do it with real airports.

Here I sit in Umea, which is a one hour flight north of Stockholm. I saw piles of snow, but the weather is spring-like for Scandinavian standards. So far so good. Stockholm was city-ish yet small, but I’ll really get to know that place on thursday. For now I’m here amongst the academics and enjoying all the loving care I get as a gust in this particular house. There was a bit of a party here tonight and I met lots of cool Swedes, but also a great Iraqi couple and a fantastic Brazilian with whom I had crazy insane discussions with. We’ve concluded the answer to life might lie in Portugal, eventually. Write that down somewhere. He also gave me this quote which I find bloggable:

“Sweden is the best place in the world to raise children! But I’m not a child! (So get me out of here)”

So maybe, just maybe, you want to see me live streamed on the internets, as I give my talk about podcasting! Exciting says you? Well, you can find out, 7:15am EST / 13h15 CET, it’s available via the HUMlab blog, I hope.

Oh, and lucky me to have the German Phrase of the Week, the new pope guy is German!

My own photos tomorrow, I promise… i think.

Today’s Sounds: Swedish countryside?