He Got Teeth

I’ve been so blissfully busy enjoying spending time with my surprise swedish visitor, I thought I wouldn’t have time to blog today. Or even anything big to say cept, hello everyone. But sure enough, in comes an email with photos from my moma, and of course, they’re A-Ren photos!

It makes my heart skip a beat to see photos of him. I’m not making this up. I get hyper. It could be 3AM and I could be dead tired, but getting new photos of my nephew gives me a jolt of happiness that is like nothing else. I’m across the ocean, but I’m right there with him, y’know? And when I see those new and bright white teeth, and him standing up and almost walking, I feel just as excited as almost a year ago when he was born.
And you know I have this vision that when he’s old enough to read, he’ll be right here on uncle BM’s blog laughing and making fun of the sappy way his uncle used to talk about him. (laugh it up kid, you know you love when your crazy uncle from Europa comes to visit)

So anyway, that’s my boy, and let’s not forget the happy couple raising the lad… they deserve some photo credit as well.

Today’s Sounds: Richard Bona – Scenes from my life