Guests and Contacts

One of my favorite co-workers saw me today and asked “Are you down in the fishtank today?” And as a reflex answer I said — “yeah all day.” And as I walked away, I thought to myself — wha? fishtank… only my blog readers call it … that…

Anyway, have you looked in your email address book lately? It can be mindblowing how many people you know. Especially if you’re a very social, active, and wired blogger/podcaster. Also doesn’t help if you hop countries a few times, more friends in random places. I’m looking at my Gmail contacts, guess how many I’ve got (after sorting through and deleting those I don’t actually know anymore): 426! 426 people I am at least an acquaintance of. As I look over all their names, I see a great mix of people from my past and present, former roommates, classmates, workmates, professors, bosses, family, internet friends, bloggers, podcasters, and random important people that I correspond with occasionally. I’m both horrified and pleased with myself, for liking so many people and hoping to keep some kind of contact with them.

Speaking of contacts and old friends, I sent a mass email to lots of them today, and I can already see the influx of visitors to the blog; welcome here friends of b-mark, be not afraid, blogging isn’t a sickness and people are usually quite friendly. Be daring, leave a comment!

Towards the end of the week, my best friend, heterosexual-life-partner and DC resident extraordinaire – D-Rock, will be guestblogging on the Communiqu?. There’s no telling what the man will be discussing, but you can bet it will involve monkeys – chimps more specifically. Just because.

Oh, and staying on the DC topic, Ms Thingk 2.0 is a hot blog, and her photos make me want to live in the district. (just a lil)

Today’s Sounds: 3Canal – tracks from Caribbean Free Radio

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