BM Meets PBG4

She’s here. At least I think it’s a she. If its a male, that’s fine, I’d still be in love with him. All day and all night I’ve been fiddling with my new PowerbookG4 – which you the readers and listeners helped make possible!

So this post is thank you. For all the tips you left in the tip jar, advice you left in the comments, or words of support left in my gmail. It all helped. The PBG4 is sweet, silent, sleek, speedy, powerful, and fun-as-hell. I suspect in the coming years Apple stuff will continue to get popular, thanks to the prevalence of items like the Ipod. Which means being a Mac person won’t be as lonely. Matter of fact, it won’t be as special. But for now, hello world, my name is bicyclemark and I’m a new macboy.

Speaking of Mac people, Verbal C was on Australian radio with me recently-talking about blogging and podcasting, and she loves her ibook. While Brain of J just received his PBG4 this week as well. Good writers with the right tools, that’s what the world needs. That… and laughter.

PS – I’ll still be paying for it little by little, so it’s still appreciated if you decide to drop a tip in the jar.

Today’s Sounds: Malcolm X – Bullet or the Ballot Speech